About Us

Smart Design Systems

Smart Design Systems plans to develop and market a software package that will help engineers achieve a safer and more optimized design more efficiently. The product will be a software package suite that aids engineering design.

Target customers will be consulting engineering and design-build construction companies. In 2020, the Canadian construction market was valued at almost $140B. In Design-Bid-Build (DBB) projects, both consulting and construction companies are looking for a faster yet more economically optimized design in order to stand-out from the competition. Normally, 10 to 20 percent of a project’s cost is spent on the design process and the remainder on construction and life-cyle operation. A more optimized design can significantly reduce the construction and life-cycle costs.

While there are companies available in the market, such as Dassault Systems and SOFiSTiK, that offer engineering analysis design tools, they all lack an important feature – namely a proper tool to tell engineers how safe their design is. This feature, combined with the project costs, allows a proper risk assessment. This is the goal of Smart Design Systems; namely to help engineers obtain a more optimized solution while still achieving target safety levels.

The company intends to develop advanced and innovative risk assessment tools, coupled with structural and geotechnical analysis tools, to optimize the design by considering both failure consequences and reliability. The road map is to get a minimum viable product (MVP) ready by the end of the 2022 fiscal year. Smart Design Systems is asking for $33,000 in partnership which will be used to hire young professionals, graduating from Canadian universities, to help with its product development. The current Smart Design Systems team includes experienced professional engineer and researcher, Dr. Fenton, along with Dr. Rahimi, a recent Dalhousie graduate who specializes in engineering software development. The team plans to expand by hiring mechanical/civil engineers at the Ph.D. or post-doc level to help with the company’s research and development needs.