Smart Design Systems

intends to produce software packages that help engineers achieve both safer and more optimized designs in a shorter timespan.

Parallel processing

Parallelized finite element algorithm that can run on both CPU and GPU devices.

Cloud computing

Smart design software package is much faster due to optimized support for advanced computing hardware devices and cloud services.

Machine learning

We also offer machine learning, where the software improves its ability to find optimal solutions as it gains experience.

Risk assessment

The key advantages in the market are the risk assessment analysis tools to allow engineers to balance safety vs. cost in their design.


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Smart Design Systems

We offer consultant services to companies and researches in our areas of expertise. We offer code review, code development, server rentals and server maintenance. For more information on the services available at Smart Design System click here.

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Boeing Launchpad Canada

Smart Design systems are in discussion with lead engineers at Boeing and HorizonX for possible investment and partnership opportunities. We were among the 10 Canadian startups, out of 78 applicants, selected by Boeing to participate in their Canadian Launchpad.

Congratulations to Reza Rahimi and Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Smart Design Systems for being selected to #BoeingLaunchpadCanada

"We are very excited to be a part of the Boeing Launchpad Canada program. Their program provides us with an outstanding opportunity to improve our company's pitch deck, business plan, our technical skills and expand our range of contacts. Also, since Boeing is a potential customer of our Smart Design Systems software packages, we are thrilled to meet and work closely with our mentors in the weeks to come.” - Reza Rahimi, Co-Founder, Smart Design Systems

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A team of Dalhousie University faculty members is creating engineering software to partly automate the designing of buildings, and has already arranged two pilot projects with the solution.

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Smart Design Systems, formerly Smart Engineering, is developing a cloud-based software package that will allow engineers to analyze the safety of structures they design. Unlike existing software, Smart Design Systems uses computer graphics cards for its calculations, which will significantly improve speed and allow engineering firms to quickly assess possible options.

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  • C/C++ Code Development
  • Python Code Development and Automation
  • Web Development
  • Parallel Code Development on CPU
  • Parallel Code Development on GPU
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Random finite element analysis
  • Design optimization
  • Structural/Geotechnical Simulations
  • Finite Element Modelling
  • Random Finite Element Modelling
  • Nonlinear Finite Element Modelling

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